We fit new lenses into your  exiting frames 

Reglaze your existing frames and save up to 70% of what you would pay on the high street. Reglaze your glasses for as little as £19


Blue Light Reflecting Lenses - Block UV

In Three Easy Steps


Order A Pack

Fill out our simple form online and we will leap into action, sending you a sturdy box to put your frames in. Postage is prepaid and there is no obligation. Sit tight, you will receive your pack in just a couple of days.


Send Your Glasses

Put frames in the box, use any Royal Mail post-box. No trips, stamps, or hassle. Include prescription or we’ll contact you. Still nothing to pay.


Enjoy New Lenses

Our specialists create a quote for your needs and email it. Once satisfied, we quickly and carefully fit lenses, returning via secure courier.

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Reglaze your glasses for as little as £19. Up to 70% cheaper than on the high street.


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Up To 70% Cheaper Than High Street Opticians

Shop with Lensup and save up to 70% on reglazing your glasses. High street opticians typically charge a premium on reglazing services to encourage you to buy expensive new glasses. If your lenses have cracked, you need to update your prescription or you don't want to waste money when you love your existing frames, we have got you covered.

We believe in reducing waste and saving you money!